Hospital Sued For Health-related Negligence

Richmond (Canada): A gynaecologist and the Richmond Hospital are getting sued for healthcare negligence in a lawsuit that underscored a problem with waiting lists from some diagnostic tests such as ultra sounds.

Yan Pang who co-owns the Canada Chinese Times in Vancouver and lives in Richmond has filed a suit against Dr. Cigdem Arkuran, a nurse at the hospital.

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A summons filed in B.C. Supreme Court alleges malpractice on the element of Arkuran and Richmond Hospital for healthcare challenges that followed surgery performed on Pang to get rid of two tumours.

Pang’s lawyer Joe Peschisolido stated: “You have a resident, a citizen, who goes more than to the hospital and is expecting a specific regular of care and it’s our position that she did not receive that.”

Both Akuran and her lawyer have not however commented on the matter, but her defence denies all the claims made in Pang’s suit and suggests that Pang’s own actions could have aggravated her healthcare circumstances.

Arkuran’s statement of defence is as follows: “In the option, if the Plaintiff has suffered any injury, loss or harm, such were not caused by this Defendant, but are attributable to prior and/or subsequent events involving the Plaintiff or to previous and/or subsequent conditions.”

It furthers: “If the Plaintiff has suffered injury, loss or damage … the Plaintiff has failed to mitigate such injury, loss or damage, by failing to take all reasonable steps to lessen or prevent such injury, loss or harm.”

Surgery that went incorrect
Pang’s healthcare negligence ordeal began in 2005, when she was referred to Arkuran for a birth control fitting. According to Pang’s claim, Arkuran referred her for an ultrasound.

A test accomplished in November 2005 revealed a tumour of about 4 centimetres in Pang’s uterus, however, she was not told about her situation till December 5th 2005.

Pang was rescheduled for yet another ultrasound, but due to a lengthy waiting list she would have had to wait two months for the procedure.

Gavin Wilson, a spokesman for the hospital admitted that there are extended queues but priority is offered to healthcare emergencies.

Wilson stated: “It’s not a price range situation. There is a shortage of ultrasound technologists at Richmond Hospital and this has produced a waitlist for ultrasounds.” Wilson added that individuals are given an choice to take a look at the basic hospital for ultra sounds, exactly where there are no backlogs, but it is unclear if Pang was created conscious of this.


Rather, Pang flew to Beijing, exactly where an exam showed the tumour had grown by 2.5 centimetres. It is also unclear why Pang flew back to Canada for remedy instead of staying in China.

Even so, Pang returned to Richmond hospital with abdominal pains, exactly where Arkuran removed two tumours. Pang was back in emergency three days later with serious pains and stated that the surgery had injured her intestines.

As a result, Pang underwent second surgery but suffered from an infected pelvic cavity. Pang was in such distress that it triggered low blood pressure, hallucinations and loss of hearing.

As a result, Pang who claims she is nonetheless suffering from discomfort is filing for compensation regarding loss of earnings, earning capacity and loss of life expectancy.

Her lawyer commented: “She’s nevertheless in a whole lot of discomfort and going by way of a lot of difficulty.”